Long Time No Post

2009-12-19 02:15:45 by WinchesterLock

Been a while folks. I got a job after I graduated from college so I've not been making stuff that much. I do plan to make more stuff in the future, just not as often. You have my word. :)

Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go back to sleep.

Long Time No Post

Locks at War 3

2008-10-24 22:22:27 by WinchesterLock

So I finally decided to start work on Locks at War III. The flash will take place where the last flash left off. This time the Locks have gone to war. Expect it on Lock Day 2009. I'll try to give updates on it from time to time. Also, sup guys.

Locks at War 3

Lock Legion update

2008-03-31 01:00:40 by WinchesterLock

Well, for those who haven't realized this yet, the Lock Legion has moved again. Communist decided to pull the plug after much debate.

The Lock Legion can be found at...
Lock Legion (dot) org

In other news, Dia Lock recently opened a Lock Legion Oekaki board. Come to LL.org for more details.

Until next time folks.


Lock Legion update

The Lock Legion is being hosted by Communist Lock.

You can find us at www.locklegion.co.uk in addition, in case of site outage or hosting issue, LL.org and LL.info will be left where they are for that purpose (as a backup site).

Anyways, I hope to see folks pop by. We are always happy to see new faces that want to learn to make flash. :)

-Winchester out

In regards to the Lock Legion.

Happy Clock Day 2007

2007-08-15 14:40:03 by WinchesterLock

Another Clock Day passes and I look back at my long history, from the Clock Crew to the Lock Legion, Newgrounds has been united and divided a multitude of times by those loveable time pieces.