Entry #5

Long Time No Post

2009-12-19 02:15:45 by WinchesterLock

Been a while folks. I got a job after I graduated from college so I've not been making stuff that much. I do plan to make more stuff in the future, just not as often. You have my word. :)

Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go back to sleep.

Long Time No Post


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2009-12-19 17:05:40

Howdy WLock!
Hope you find time to drop in on Wikigrounds sometime. We have been tidying it up and preparing to promote in on NG shortly. We expect lots of vandalism then.
Best Wishes,

WinchesterLock responds:

I'll try to when I get some time again. Right now things are kinda busy with work and life. :s


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2010-06-20 11:36:45

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